3 Ways Automation Can Improve Your Marketing

Regularly making refinements to your marketing strategy is the only way to keep pace with changing tastes and trends in different markets. Unfortunately, it is difficult for everything to be done by employees, which makes marketing automation critical for a successful marketing approach.

You Can Gain More from Social Media

A common way automation is used in marketing is via social media. When you place links on your social media posts directing visitors to purchase products, it helps to have a different version of the link on each platform. On the back-end of your marketing, you can observe which posts are performing better on different platforms. You can use this information to change your marketing strategy on different social media platforms or you might find certain products generally perform better on one platform versus the other. Ultimately, changing how you market certain products or whether you heavily promote them on specific platforms can minimize wasted effort and increase your return on investment.

You Can Follow-Up with Visitors & Customers

Follow-up communications from companies are usually the result of an automated process. One way this technology is utilized is observing browsing behavior of visitors. For example, a program might see a registered visitor is browsing different options for a specific product. If they leave without purchasing a product, they might receive an email showing them similar items to encourage a purchase. Similarly, many businesses send gentle reminders to visitors who have added items to their shopping cart, but did not follow through with a purchase.

Both types of follow-up communication can coax visitors to buy. Timing of the follow-up communication is also important. You may need to experiment with different timing, since a prompt follow-up with the visitor is usually unnecessary. An email the next day might be more effective and less annoying.

You Can Stay on Top of Trends

Automation can also involve having programs that actively scour the web and social media for relevant trends and hashtags that might change the items you promote throughout the year. For example, a clothing manufacturer will have ebbs and flows in the types of clothing they promote as the seasons change. Even before specific clothing seasons hit, using automation can help them detect surges when the public begins discussing specific types of clothing, such as bathing suits, color palettes, or any other useful information that might be relevant to their clothes. This information can be used to change the ads or which items make the homepage of the website. For example, if brightly-colored bikinis are suddenly trendy, it makes more sense for similarly colored bikinis to take the center spot on ads and on the website.

Marketing automation takes much of the tedious work out of developing a marketing strategy, while helping your business be more effective at enticing customers. To learn more, contact a local digital marketing agency.