Why Use Branded Workwear? 5 Benefits For Retail Managers

For retail managers, every aspect of the store environment can influence a customer's experience. With tight margins to look after, store managers must consider every cost, but company workwear is one asset you should never decide to get rid of. Find out how a high-quality uniform can boost turnover, and consider some of the ways you can use branded apparel as a marketing tool.

Increases employee satisfaction

The average hourly wage of Canadian workers is now $25.07, but the average retail consultant only earns $11.20. As such, employers need to find ways to offer other benefits that will encourage staff loyalty and satisfaction.

A lot of workers like to wear a company uniform. First, employees don't need to spend so much of their own money on clothes. What's more, high-quality apparel is often more practical, comfortable and durable during the working day. With so many available styles, workwear doesn't need to look dated or old-fashioned either.

Makes life easier for customers

A simple-to-recognise uniform is also good news for your customers because it makes it much easier to find your employees. With bold, simple colours and eye-catching designs, employee workwear will stand out against store fixtures and fittings and your other customers. What's more, with different styles and colour schemes, you can even help people in the store work out if somebody is a manager or if an employee works in a particular department.

Promotes your brand

Your employees' apparel is not just a functional tool. In fact, the right uniform can help promote your brand. For example, a smart, clean design would work well for a technology retailer, and an outfit that follows the latest fashions would work perfectly in a clothing store.

A worker's uniform can help you create the sort of store environment you want customers to experience. A casual, comfortable outfit works well when you want customers to relax and see that your staff members are approachable. Similarly, if you want to create a formal, high-end environment, a smart suit finished with plenty of small details might appeal to your customers.

You can also add personal touches that highlight outstanding performance. For example, an embroidered 'star performer' badge will give a top-performing employee a sense of pride, but this detail will also show customers that you value and reward your best people.

Draws attention to new products and services

You can use accessories or variations of your uniform to help promote new products or services. For example, a new badge or button could encourage customers to ask your employees about a specific new product, or a slogan on the back of a shirt could help you tell people about extended store opening hours.

If you need to relaunch an entire range of products, a revamp of your employees' apparel could help customers realise that you have changed things. You can also theme the apparel at certain times of the year. For example, a special seasonal uniform can remind customers that Christmas is coming.

Increases productivity

An Australian study found that staff uniforms can boost productivity because branded apparel encourages people from all social groups to work more closely together. The study found that a uniform can lead to better cohesion at work, which, in turn, can lead to increased effort from employees.

Crucially, you don't need to spend a fortune to get the result you want. For example, you could simply use a plain shirt with an embroidered logo. The important principle is that everyone looks and feels the same when working in your store.

Branded workwear may seem like an unnecessary expense, but evidence suggests that retail stores can benefit from an employee uniform. Find ways to make workplace apparel an extension of your brand, and reap the benefits of improved store turnover and customer loyalty. Click here for more information about getting uniforms for your employees.